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A Brief History

Whether you’re looking to host a land-based or water-based affair, we’ve got all of your inflatable needs covered with our custom-built (for you) designs and in-stock (now), inflatable experiences.

Mark Anastasia, CEO of AquaBanas, is Redefining Water Entertainment by creating a new niche in the global inflatable marketplace that appeals to people of all ages.

As the preferred manufacturers for Ultra-High Quality Luxury Yacht Inflatables, we’re not only going to inflate your ideas with fun but with high quality and class too.


At AquaBanas we know you are the kind of people who want all your friends, family, and guests to be able to create everlasting memories while enjoying the water in a way that is customized just for them!


In order to do this, inflatable toys are a must-have in every yacht/resort/commercial waterfront or residential lakefront.

The problem is there are inflatable options out there, but they’re not always ideal depending on your unique space and for what you need from an inflatable product… But not with AquaBanas!

Mission / Values

We understand that you want a luxury product to enjoy the water without imitations. That’s why all AquaBanas inflatable products are made with our customers in mind, they are lightweight, durable, safe and engaging so people of any age can use them on their yacht or at resorts around the world!

Our Goal

To provide quality inflatables with entertainment potentials pumped up high so everyone has an unforgettable time!

We have tons of options for fun that’ll keep you and your guests entertained – just take a look through our products today and see what we’ve got for YOU, and turn that great location of yours into an even better experience!

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